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Plan-itU is a highly scalable, powerful solution that provides complete visibility and control over planning of your programming assets. Created with high end data science algorithms and business logic, Plan-itU helps achieve Viewership Goals.

Its unique ability to correlate data from various sources like Viewership Ratings, Rights, EPG, etc, help in efficient Decision Making. Coupled with Predictive Analysis based on historical trends and complex operational logic the application identifies a list of probable High Yield assets.

A comprehensive solution that manages a wide array of business rules and constraints as well as providing a 360-degree view across your competitors library and the performance of their product mix.
Intelligent Reporting
  • Plan-itU has a flexible architecture which is capable of integrating smoothly with any Broadcast Management, Rights Management and Ratings platform.

  • Title Grading: Assessment and grade movement analysis

  • Projection & Product Score : Displays complete plan insight for expected performance. E.g. Avg. daypart GRP, Weakest day GRP, Total title count, etc.

  • Title Eligibility: Provides insight of utilization of rights and runs from eligible titles for the plan month.

  • Competitor Tracking: Displays list of Channels with their Actual GRP vs Planned GRP and %

  • Channel wise Contribution: Computes the slot wise ratings with their contribution across all Channels within a category.

Business Impact
  • Manages and Adhere to all business rules envisioned by leadership with ease and efficiency

  • Provides a rational & consistent balance between business objectives of Rights consumption v/s GRP delivery

  • Big data insights for effective decision making

  • Achieve higher viewership goals with a constant feed of business intelligent statistics