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U-TO Cloud Services

U-TO’s Cloud offering
U-TO now offers its entire range of media solutions via Cloud. This next-gen service allows clients to focus on their core business, leaving the hardware and software to the experts, without compromising on software functionality. 

U-TO’s cloud provides a compelling reason for small and mid- segment companies to adopt best in industry solutions at affordable and cost efficient manner.
U-TO’s cloud service is best suited for Companies which:
  • Need to move up the value chain to enterprise grade solutions
  • Do not want to make significant CAPEX investments to purchase necessary hardware
  • Lack the technical capability to maintain the hardware and third-party software (e.g., regular backups, virus and worm protection, server monitoring, OS patches, database maintenance, etc.)
  • Are looking to reduce/eliminate the costs related to maintenance of the above
  • Require adequate redundancies, security and failover services
The U-TO Cloud Advantage
  • Cost Effective:
    Affordable OPEX model

  • Stress free Setup / Core Competence:
    U-TO’s experienced technology team ensures glitch free implementation and continued support

  • Industry experts:
    Our in-depth understanding of the media business and related processes helps us simplify techno-business challenges and limitations

  • Secured:
    Best in class security and data integrity management processes ensure data is not just encrypted in transit but also at the point of storage.

  • Agility:
    New implementation including configuration can be completed within days

  • Scalability:
    Infrastructure easily scales with your growing business needs. Additional instances for test, training etc. can be brought online quickly

  • Reliable:
    fully dependable with failover services, High Availability infrastructure, and daily off-site backups

Subscription Based Pricing
There is a small onetime cost and a variable monthly fee based on clearly defined metrics that allow U-TO to scale the pricing to best suit your need, depending on the complexity of your system and service demands.

It’s easy to see the benefits of the cloud, but how it is applied to your business is the key. Talk to us about the options available and how we can help your business achieve the outcomes you are looking for.