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Airtime Sales Proposal Management System
AdsValU is a yield optimization solution built using Data Science & mathematical algorithms leveraged on Audience measurement and historical analysis of the Channel performance. The system provisions complex Sales Hierarchies to enable approval mechanisms for everyone in the Ad Sales eco system.

AdsValU helps a network to maximize the yield from their ad inventory while maintaining business goals and enhancing the value proposition of the Deal.

AdsValU simply adds more time for the Sales Teams to work on the finer aspects of the Proposal – Deal lifecycle by automating large data requirement & churning functions.
Business Impact:
  • Empower – Enables Sales Teams to drive business & exceed Campaign goals with lesser Inventory burn.

  • Result Oriented – Provides a rational & consistent balance between business objectives of achieving Channel Targets v/s Advertiser Goals.

  • Revenue Generation – AdsValU focuses on utilizing minimal inventory to propose the structure of a Deal, thereby allowing Sales Teams to target a larger Advertiser base.

  • What Ifs – An intuitive scenario generator that allows users to see the impact of changing Proposal variables like: Outlay, Sales Properties, etc.

  • Visibility – Given the number of Channels/Teams, size of business and a varied genre mix the system offers the best platform for complete visibility.

  • Flexibility – Sales Teams can build custom campaigns basis multiple parameters.

  • Analyse Trends – Analyse current & historic sales data for Optimal Proposal creation.